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Deliver High Quality Products, aligned with ITIL best practices. ATV Assesment is a Recognized framework for IT service management, alighing, IT services efficiently and effectively with business objectives. ITIL compliance builds trust, credibility, and provide a decisive competitive advantage in an increasingly demanding market.

Only Official Tool Vendor Accredition

Helping you align with ITIL® best practices.

As an accredited tool vendor assessor,
Ducis Group provides businesses
with access to IT service management tools,
helping them meet the global highest industry quality standards.


Unique Features of PeopleCert's Vendor Accreditation

ITIL Compability

The only software assessment that authoritatively confirms ITIL compatibility.

Qualification of Professionals

Addresses the qualification of people who design, develop, and implement ITSM software, adding new value to the market.

Deploy ITSM tools | Assess Your Tool

Use the ATV registry to make more informed decisions
and reduce risks due to a better understanding of the market.

Maintain Global Industry Standard

Access the only authoritative and most trustworthy information about vendors and tools aligned with ITIL best practices.

Verified Vendors

Select vendors, commited to evolve and improve their product, in adherehce to best practice for your success.

Minify Risk

Opt for ATV certified software, minimising commercial risk, and ensure compliance with Intellectual property rights.

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The Accredetion Process

PeopleCert accredits and works in close cooperation with a set of Accredited Tool Vendor Assessor (ATVA) organisations that conduct the software assessments and (optionally) provide additional training services to software vendors. The tool vendor accreditation process has 6 stages


a tool vendor

accredited tool vendor
assessor (ATVA)

  • 1. A Tool vendor applies for accrediations, signs an NDA and select appropiate ATVA
  • 2. PeopleCert engages the ATVA to conduct the software assessment
  • 3.The ATVA conducst a paid software assessment and provides a statement of results
  • 4.ATVA provides training for the tool vendor s staff
  • 5. ATVA reports the assessment results to PeopleCert
  • 6. PeopleCert ensures the people certification criteria are met and completes the accreditation

Over 650 criteria for the following ITIL 4 practices

  • - Monitoring and Event Management
  • - Incident Management
  • - Service Request Management
  • - Problem Management
  • - Service Catalogue Management
  • - Service Level Management
  • - Capacity and Performance Management
  • - Availability Management
  • - Service Continuity Management
  • - Information Security Management
  • - Change Enablement
  • - Relationship Management
  • - Deployment Management
  • - Release Management
  • - Knowledge Management
  • - Service Financial Management
  • - Measurement and Reporting
  • - Service Configuration Management
  • - Supplier Management
  • - IT Asset Management

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