• How to engineer DevOps solutions
  • DevOps Technologies Applications Architectures
  • Continuous Integration
  • Continuous Testing
  • Ephemeral Elastic Infrastructures
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Deployment Metrics
  • Monitoring
  • Observability
  • Governance
  • Human Aspects
  • Future Trends
  • DevOps Engineering Foundation is designed for enterprises struggling with their DevOps journey, or even knowing where to start. There are many layers of people, processes and technologies across each organization that are instrumental to engineering a successful DevOps solution. DevOps is an evolving journey.

  • DevOps Engineering Foundation covers the many aspects of DevOps engineering that leaders and practitioners can execute upon. An engineering approach is critical to DevOps journeys. This certification validates the foundation of knowledge, principles and practices needed to engineer a successful DevOps solution.


Web proctored


40 Multiple Choice Questions


One Hour

Pass Mark 

65% (26 marks out of 40) 

Open Book 

No materials are allowed in the examination room 





Certification validity 

3 Years


Certification is Mandatory after training.

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