• DevSecOps Practitioner skills
  • Advanced-level DevSecOps technical concepts
  • DevSecOps architecture and infrastructure strengths
  • An understanding of the many steps associated with pipeline
  • Security principles (ensuring items are not just sooner and safer but more secure as well)
  • An understanding of how DevSecOps may evolve in the following years
  • Developing software that is secure by design
  • Improved assurance of meeting security, compliance, legal and regulatory requirements
  • Frictionless relationship between security professionals and developers
  • Better formed, scalable, and speed-aware security practices
  • DevSecOps Practitioner candidates should be prepared to ramp up their DevSecOps skills
  • Personal skills benefits: Individuals will learn to work as a team, ask the right questions, and build the right metrics to accelerate the entire organization


Web proctored


40 Multiple Choice Questions


90 Minutes

Pass Mark 

65% (26 marks out of 40) 

Open Book 

No materials are allowed in the examination room 



Certification validity 

3 Years

Certification is Mandatory after training.

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