• DevOps and Transformational Leadership
  • Unlearning Behaviors
  • Becoming a DevOps Organization
  • Measure to Learn
  • Measure to Improve
  • Target Operating Models and Organizational Design
  • Articulating and Socializing Vision
  • Maintaining Energy and Momentum
  • Culture change to distributed authority and improved team autonomy
  • Leadership evolves to be transformational
  • A focus on data-driven decision making
  • Measurable, value-driven outcomes for the DevOps journey
  • Development of leadership skills
  • A tool-kit of assets to enact cultural improvement
  • Value stream-centric thinking and practices that improve flow


Web proctored


40 Multiple Choice Questions


One Hour

Pass Mark 

65% (26 marks out of 40) 

Open Book 

No materials are allowed in the examination room 





Certification validity 

3 Years

Certification is Mandatory after training.

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