Module 1: Key concepts of ITAM

  • Identify the purpose, PSFs, and value of the ITAM practice.
  • Apply iterative and interdependent scoping to IT asset types and IT asset register.
  • Understand the benefits of standard IT assets
  • Understand the ITAM relationship with governance, compliance, and policies of the organization.
  • Apply an organization’s sustainability objectives to ITAM.

Module 2: Value streams and processes

Module 3: Organizations and people

  • Understand the key skills required for ITAM.
  • Describe the responsibilities of the following roles: The IT asset manager; License manager; IT asset owner; IT asset custodian; IT asset.
  • Know how to apply the LACMT model to ITAM activities.
  • Know how to position ITAM within an organizational structure.

Module 4: Information and technology

  • Identify the key inputs and outputs of the ITAM practice
  • Describe the key ITAM automation tools and their role in the practice

Module 5: Partners and suppliers

Module 6: Developing ITAM capabilities

  • Understand the following key concepts of the ITIL maturity model including capability assessment and capability levels and criteria.
  • Know how to apply capability criteria to plan ITAM capability development.
  • Identify key metrics and methods for improving ITAM capabilities.
  • Apply the key steps of the ITAM capability development.


Multiple Choice, 40 questions. Each question is worth one mark. 9 questions at Bloom’s level 1, 31 questions at Bloom’s level 2


Maximum 90 Minutes for all candidates


No Pre-Requisite



Open Book


Pass Score

26/40 or 65%


OLP Based

Certification is Mandatory after training.

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