What do you mean by accreditation?

Accreditation is the process of receiving official acceptance of your status from Principal bodies owning or representing the owners of the IP, trademarked content etc. For example Ducis Management is an “Accredited Training Organization” for Peoplecert, accredited to provide authorized training

What is accredited training?

Accredited training is training adhering to official guidelines, conducted by accredited trainers using official content.

Who is an accredited trainer?

An accredited trainer is one who meets the official criteria to deliver training. Official criteria usually covers a trainers credentials like:

  • Does the trainer have the required educational qualifications?
  • Does the trainer have the required training experience
  • Has the trainer completed the required levels of achievement to deliver classes.

How do I become an accredited Trainer?

Each examination body, certification body has their own criteria for confirmation of trainers. This is based on the actual proficiency achieved by trainers in terms of certification, years of experience and their ability to conduct classes. Accredited trainers are expected to maintain high standards of knowledge, and integrity.

Is there a cost to accreditation as a Trainer?

Yes there are usually fees associated with accreditation. Each certification body has its own rules and criteria. Contact us for any specific request.



Proctoring of exams determine the means by which certification of exams is conducted. Different bodies have different rules of proctoring. The points given below details the guidelines for exams from Peoplecert.

Is Proctoring Mandatory?

Yes Proctoring or invigilation is mandatory.

What are the means of proctoring?

There are 2 means of conducting exams, classroom based exams and personal exams from home.

  • In the class room based exam there has to be a proctor physically present to oversee the conduct of the exam. The exam could be a paper based exam or web based exam.
  • In the event that the candidate cannot come to a physical location and is desirous of doing the certification at home or other convenient location, then the mode of exam would be the Peoplecert online proctored exam (OLP).

What happens if the process is not followed?

The results are likely to be cancelled, and if certification has been awarded it is likely to be revoked. Instances include situations where candidates take certification of classroom based exams from home without the presence of a physical Proctor. In such a scenario a formal web-proctored or online proctoring is only acceptable.


Refund on Examination Vouchers

Refunds are governed by the refund policy

Can I get refund for Exam Vouchers?

Refund policy for examination vouchers is governed by the respective Examination bodies. Refund on examination booking is possible if the refund is requested within 30 days of purchasing the exam bundle or examination voucher subject to the refund is applied for at least 14 working days before date of examination.


Can I postpone my exam date once exam has been booked?

Most certification bodies have clear guidelines for exam date / timing changes. Under normal circumstances exam dates / times can be modified if the body is informed at least 48 hours in advance. In exceptional circumstances, changes may be accommodated by the certifying body. This is at the sole discretion of the certification body and Ducis Management Consulting has no role in decisions made by the certifying body.



Is training mandatory?

Each certification body has its own rule pertaining to the necessity of training. In some cases candidates who are self-taught can take the exam. Please refer to the details on each individual training to know more

Are there any pre-requisites?

Each certification body has its own rule pertaining to the necessity of pre-requisites. Please refer to the details on each individual training to know more. For example some certifications require that the foundation level certification has been achieved by the professional before the advanced level module can be taken.